Your spatula is gone! Now you must cook with nothing but a single frying pan.

Drag to move the frying pan. Make sure to heat until the food is cooked, but be careful not to burn them. Every food behaves slightly differently: some food is heavier, cook faster, slippery, or stick to the pan.

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it got kind of hard when there was more then one thing to cook but overall really good game! 

Thank you!


Wow, amazing! Thank you for playing until the end! I hope you enjoyed it.

Why does it loads all the time so that I can't start playing?

It may be taking a long time to load for some reason. Can you try leaving it open for a while?

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This is really neat. I've just got hold of the Android version - it seems to play really nicely on a touchscreen. Haven't managed to get three stars on anything yet, which is actually kind of nice. It's good to have something to aim for even in a casual game.

Thank you for downloading! Yes, it was originally made for Android.