What food should you serve to a customer who is thirsty, feeling cold, and heartbroken?

In Gourmet Logic, you are a cook running a restaurant on a boat on an Earth-like alien planet. You will visit many strange places and challenge picky customers.

On this planet, you will find ingredients that are similar to the ones on Earth.

One ingredient can turn into many different cookings. You can unlock recipes by acquiring the required tools.

Each cooking has its Types such as 'Fruit' or 'Sour.' While cooking, you can add an extra ingredient to adjust the outcome.

There are many possible conditions a customer can have that will make your service challenging. For example, 'Cold' means you should avoid serving cold food. Well, that's obvious. Then how about 'High Blood Pressure' or 'Party Animal'?

Serve effective food to grab customers' hearts!

Controls: Mouse Only

This game is not tested enough. If you find any bugs, please comment.


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