I don't know what the name is, but this was one of the games I played as a kid on a beach. You stab a stick in a pile of sand. You and your opponent take turns to remove the sand while avoiding letting the stick fall. Whoever makes the stick fall, loses.

How to play:

  • Drag on the pile to remove it.
  • Drag out of the pile to move the camera.
  • Scroll to zoom in/out.
  • You must remove sand until the first bar is full.
  • You can remove extra sand until the second bar is full.

How is this game relevant to the jam theme, 'BREAKING THE RULES?' Unlike many games where you score points or achieve objectives, this game is about waiting for your opponent to fail the condition, in other words,  breaking the rule.

2021-JUN-28 Stones will collide with flags.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity, Blender
Tags3D, Casual, Experimental, nature, Physics, Short, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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yayyyy, I beat both the low level and medium level ai accuracy

That's great!

and now the high level too!


Web GL won't load :/

I hear that problem sometimes... I wonder why...

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I could see this easily becoming the next mobile game trend! So simple and satisfying.

Wow, thank you!

brilliant :) great fun

Thank you :)

very fun !!

Thank you!!

this game was made to piss me off wasn t it?


so fun!! I would love to know how you managed this :)

Thank you! The AI is rating points on the sand based on how far they are from the flags and which direction the flags are tilting towards.

i love the game, i played it for half an hour and i just have so much fun on it

Thank you!

A lovely little game. A nice, gentle challenge, although some might find it on the hard side.

Thank you!

I have passed Level 7 but the game comes back to Level 1, not Level 8.


That is because you've finished all 7 levels! I should've put some celebratory message at the end.

A very interesting game! I'm looking forward to playing Level 8!

Some suggestions:

1.Stones cannot push over flags. When a stone falls down to a flag, it seems the stone "goes through"  the flag. That's a strange bug.

2.Add more things in Level 8 to make it more interesting!

Thanks for the suggestions! Right, the stones should collide with the flags...

yeah but in some levels they have no collision like in the walls with rocks

this is rigged

I like this, though also found the first level a little hard to begin with. It may be simpler than the others, but in some ways I feel as though that gives the computer player an advantage: the multi-flag levels seem easier because you can end your turn leaving no safe sand to take (and they're more forgiving because if you screw up once it's not an instant lose).

What do the rocks do, by the way? Were they intended to knock over flags they roll into or are they just a fun little extra? Either way the physics are very satisfying - it would be great to see more games like this.

Thank you for the comment! And you are right. The first level isn't that easy. Maybe the flag should be less sensitive.

I know the rocks don't actually collide with the flags... they should though. I just wanted something that's not a flag or sand.

i cant get past level one :(


No worries! For the first level, just keep removing the most outer sand.

If the flag starts to tilt and shake, remove sand from the opposite side.


Great game mechanics. I can't even imagine how difficult it was to create such an unusual physics. Probably the game contains a lot of fundamentally new solutions in its scripts. I admire the process of the player's activity and the behaviour of the opponent. Very good!!!


Thanks for the comment!

The sand movement is actually simple:  Vertices that are lowered by the Player become hungry for heights. Then they keep stealing heights from nearby, higher vertices until they become satisfied.

Superb :-)

Thank you! :)